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Google announced it’s first ever online treasure hunt.

It has already announced two out of four questions. The first one to answer all four questions correctly wins a prize.

Better hurry up !! Here’s the link


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Finally some relief for people with slow connections. Gmail has got a speed boost recently.

They’ve apparently reduced some requests sent to the browser by Gmail.

One more feature is that now you get the “Load Basic HTML View” option right on the front page. Really saves a lot of time.

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Note : This is not a tongue twister !!

If you have still not decided as to which search engine to use, postpone your decision.

Because now you have a choice.

Combining the power of both Google And Yahoo, here comes GAHOOYOOGLE.com

Special thanks to my friend Amol for recommending this site.


Why to use GahooYoogle ?

And How to rememeber the name and spelling of the site ??

Read On.


Here’s a screenshot showing both of the Search Engines displaying results side by side.


So keep searching !!

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