With WordPress giving us 3 GB of free space, I can upload all kinds of images i have and my creations as well.

Thanks to WordPress.

And here we have two really ‘friendly’ enemies standing on top of a streetlight in the map Inferno.  Tooks us some time and people to get up there !!



So finally the Volindia blog is setup and I feel very good that there is now a space where I can voice my opinions about issues that our close to me. I would like to talk about volunteering..well what is volunteering? I don’t want to get into technical definations but for me its the peace of mind that I’ve done or atleast am trying to do my bit for society..A couple of years back I began spending two hours thrice a week at the NAB hostel for visually impaired girls. I would spend time with them playing games, doing workshops on sex education, confidence building and many other activities. Over time I made really good friends who would confide in me, they looked up to me and shared their lives with me. After two months when I had to break my ties with hostel it seemed like the hardest thing to do. The girls and I shared such a close bond that it was beyond anything else I had felt. My two months with the girls had made such an impact on their lives that I didnt even realise. I can never forget the day when Neelam, one of my newfound friends gave me a card that said,” Thanks for breaking me out of my shell, I will never forget you.”This was the first time ever I had volunteered and as cliche as my story sounds its the truth…ever since then I very strongly believe in volunteering…I believe that everyone can take out some spare time and do something for someone else without expecting anything in return……I don’t want to sound like i’ve made a big difference but yes it has been a great feeling that just a few hours of my time has had an impact such as this!

When was the last time when you were already logged in Orkut and wanted to check your Gmail account but with a different user account. And when you opened up Gmail you ended up with the other account. Also you need to login simultaneously from different accounts in different Google services. So you had no option but to log off all accounts and check them one by one.

So here’s IE Tab for you !!!

What is does it gives you the option you run tabs with the internet explorer in them.

So how does it help ??

When you open up tabs in IE form it gives you an entirely different set of session cookies and so you could log on through differnt accounts like you did when you used Internet Explorer.

What you just have to do is click on the bottom right corner where you see the small icon for Firefox. The moment you click it, this now becomes IE and shows the IE icon.



Have fun !!
Get it from here !!

After much confusion and delays I finally figured out ow to use Trackbacks. I came to know about Trackbacks when sometime ago I got a notification from wordpress telling me that somebody had liked one of my posts and had tracked back to it !

Trackbacks are a good way to promote your blog. And they also increase the number of backlinks to your blog.

Using trackbacks is very easy. Easier than you thought. But you need to know a few things.

Read them here. (was the best resource I could find !!)

What does Wikipedia say ??

A Trackback is one of three types of Linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. This enables authors to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their articles.

A Trackback is an acknowledgment. This acknowledgment is sent via a network signal (ping) from the originating site to the receiving site. The receptor often publishes a link back to the originator indicating its worthiness. Trackback requires both sites to be Trackback enabled in order to establish this communication. Trackback does not require the originating site to be physically linked to the receiving site.

Trackbacks are used primarily to facilitate communication between blogs; if a blogger writes a new entry commenting on, or referring to, an entry found at another blog, and both blogging tools support the TrackBack protocol, then the commenting blogger can notify the other blog with a “TrackBack ping”; the receiving blog will typically display summaries of, and links to, all the commenting entries below the original entry.


Here’s an awesome website for all art lover or designers/artists/etc. Every user gets a webpage in which he can post his creations. The website has a large repository of stock images and photoshop brushes.

Check out my page – http://ankitsabharwal.deviantart.com/

(thanks to tajeshwar for this awesome website !)

About DeviantArt

deviantART is an international online artistic community. It was first launched on August 7, 2000 by Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and Angelo Sotira, amongst others.

deviantART aims to provide a place for any artist, photographer, writer, or Flash artist to exhibit and discuss his or her works. It also provides a community of like-minded individuals and is visited by 1.5 million individuals per day who view approximately 35 million pages. As of December 2007 the site consists of over 6 million users and over 46.95 million submissions, and receives around 60,000+ submissions per day.[1]

deviantART features many forms of creative expression organized in a comprehensive category structure. The artwork on display includes photography, digital art, traditional art, literature and skins for applications. The site also has extensive downloadable resources for use by creators such as tutorials and stock photography.

Link – www.deviantart.com



Load only what you want !! Over these months this has been the best tool that I have used (recommended by Vijyesh). Working on slow bandwidths can be tedious, but this tool helps load webpages faster by displaying only what you need.

ImgLikeOpera allows load only the images that you want in Firefox browser. This extension is very useful for non broadband users…

ImgLikeOpera allows load only the images that you want in Firefox browser. This extension is very useful for non broadband users.
– placeholders for blocked images (hi, LJ treads!)
– (re)load image from context menu or Ctrl+rightMouseClick
– forced expiration time (5 minutes – 3 months)
– policies for tabs
– filters
You can set one of policies for each tab:
– don’t load images
– load cached images only
– load images for the originating Web site only
– load all images

Get It Here : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1672

318890.jpg First of this is my first ever gadget review.

For the past few weeks my blog has been getting around 10-20 views daily because on the Dell Inspiron Article I had posted earlier. So I thought why not write a complete review. I myself own a Dell Inspiron 6400.

The old Dell Inspiron had just one drawback, it wasn’t appealing for some of the people. The appearance of a laptop depends on your viewpoint. Actually the old inspiron didn’t have a sleak look (as the HP Laptops have with them).

But the new Dell Inspiron is just PERFECT !!

The new sleek look. Some very exciting colors (oh ! I really miss this one). And a 2 Mega pixel camera. A faster processor. Lots of hard disk. 1 Gig of memory. etc. etc.

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