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This time I am posting a comic strip which i had created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Well, it’s very naive but what matters is the creativity and the amount of work. Isn’t it ?

The comic is titled -> Mission 2 Moon – An Adventure

Here are the three editions. Click on a thumbnail to view the full image.

And please don’t copy anything without permission.


1-copy.jpg 2-copy.jpg3-again-copy.jpg


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Finally, the pre-release is ready.

You can download from Rapidshare.

Click here To Download

or paste the url directly – http://rapidshare.com/files/35620625/lt_beta.zip

check out the screenshot –


Help me make it better. Leave your comments.

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So here it is . . . . Finally managed to create my own map. Well, it looks nice but still needs some finishing to do. The map basically resembles to the lecture theater of my college ( minus the chairs ! …… coz i still need to figure out a texture for the chairs). But still, it looks neat. The beta(!) version will be out shortly. So, watch this space closely.

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