We started off. Pretty early. 8.30 am !!


First stop – Karim’s. We had to reach here pretty early so that we could have our share of the  ‘heavenly’ dishes. We came here twice later that day 😀


While searching for the ‘chor bazaar’ we found plenty of others as well.


The bazaar had been moved so we had to walk to ITO. And we spent half our time walking that day.


We have finally ‘found’ them ! The entrance to the ‘bazaar’. And people !!


We found some pretty weird things there. We haven’t seen one of these lately.


The entire ‘bazaar’ was a 2km stretch. Next stop was the Sunday Book Bazaar.


The GPS did help through the narrow streets.


We had walked past Jama Masjid many times earlier. But never had we bothered to go inside. And this time we did.



It was nice inside.


And well ! This is was it ! Old Delhi


Google announced it’s first ever online treasure hunt.

It has already announced two out of four questions. The first one to answer all four questions correctly wins a prize.

Better hurry up !! Here’s the link

Today while sharing a file through Rapidshare, I got a message that Rapidshare  was having  “Happy hours”, so no waiting time for Free Users !! Thanks a lot…really saved some time…

Finally some relief for people with slow connections. Gmail has got a speed boost recently.

They’ve apparently reduced some requests sent to the browser by Gmail.

One more feature is that now you get the “Load Basic HTML View” option right on the front page. Really saves a lot of time.

Read more…

Lot of people have been asking me how to save swf animations and YouTube videos. Although i have already covered these in my earlier posts, but this time we see a new way to view temporary internet files for firefox.

People know that in Internet Explorer they just open a folder of temporary internet files, view all saved content and copy any file they wanted. Some people still come and ask me which folder to open for firefox ??

Actually for Firefox there is no folder. Firefox stores all its cache data in a single file. Now to read this file you can go to you address bar and type


You get all the cache entries stored on your disk or memory, whichever you choose.

Now its pretty difficult to locate what you are searching for and this is where Cache Viewer comes into play.

This extenion is GUI Front-end of “about:cache”.
Allows searching and sorting memory and disk cache files.

Just install cache viewer addon from firefox website. Here’s the link .

When you open the viewer you get a complete list of the cache. You can search anything you want.


Now when you need to save something just right-click and select the Save As option.


Enjoy ! Browse and Save what you want !!

Dumbest Solution Ever

In my last post I was talking about the contest which was organised. There was a particular question. This is the question –

E-Commerce R-Us recently discovered that their e-commerce site did not include a credit card number verification operation on the data that the user submitted for buying their software. The company decided to hire you and your team to develop a credit card validation program. You will be provided with a credit card number with the length varying from 13 digits to 16 digits. The algorithm is a simple mod 10 operation. Each number of the credit card is weighted by either 2 or 1. The credit card number must be zero-filled on the left to create a sixteen digit number, and then the pattern starts with 2, alternating with a 1. If the number multiplied by the weight results in a 2-digit number, each digit is added to the sum. The final sum with the check digit should be a multiple of 10.

Input Format: The user will provide you with a credit card number without spaces.

Output Format: The program will return “Valid” or “Invalid” depending on the success or failure of the check digit.


The question is so easy that you needn’t even solve it.

But now comes the main part, a team from 1st year submitted the following solution. Read it and laugh aloud !! 😀

void main()
long int a;
printf(“enter value of credit card”);


Last month I got a chance to organise an event all by myself. We had to do all the work from preaparing notices to checking answers. I took around 4 hrs to select ssome questions because questions had  to be easy and tricky. The worst part was checking answers, because we had to go through some of the dumbest solutions ever  🙂  I will cover that up in my next post my one extremely ‘intelligent’ solution.

Click on the link below to download the questions –


The Questions are of very easy leveland were made for beginners.

Have fun.